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Systematic Speed Ratio

What is the Systematic Speed Ratio (SSR)?

The Systematic Speed Ratio (SSR) is a program designed by the collective minds of the best pool players in the world. The UPA has developed the most accurate and revolutionary pool program in the billiards industry today. Our SSR system is truly “light years” ahead of the industry standards as it objectively calculates more than 36 aspects of a single player’s performance and is the only program in existence created and developed by professional players. This not only completely eliminates any aspect of “Sandbagging” but also provides each individual player with invaluable information about their game. Simply put, it tells you “who you are on the pool table” and allows you to evolve your game accordingly.

What information does the SSR Calculate?

The SSR calculates several aspects including:Overall Performance

  • Overall Performance
  • Skill level of the mechanics of play
  • Skill used to react to defensive strategy used against the player
  • The use, execution and effectiveness of a planned strategy
  • Breaks, runs and averages on many levels, etc.

Take a moment to watch this informative video.

How does the SSR help eliminate Sandbagging?

Example: A player joins a UPA league and convinces the local League Operator that they are only a “4 Speed” on a scale of 1-10. With objective data, the SSR will determine how well the player actually plays. If the player is actually an advanced player they would literally have to play like a beginner in regards to Shot Making, Break Percentage, Fouls, etc. Once the player realizes that they do not benefit from playing like a “beginner” (“Sandbagger”), they will begin performing as their “true” Speed. At that time the SSR will immediately catch them and raise their Speed accordingly.

What Speed (Rating) will I start with?

Upon joining you will be prescribed an “Initial Speed” (IS).  Your IS will be granted to you by your League Operator and is based on the information that you provide upon joining the league.

What is the difference between an Initial Speed and Official Speed?

Initial Speed (IS): This is the Speed a League Operator initially prescribes to a new member.

Official Speed (OS): This is the Speed granted to a player once the IS has been approved and is continually monitored, reviewed, and adjusted by the SSR Program.

When is my Speed Reviewed?

The SSR Program monitors players daily from the beginning and makes adjustments accordingly. The UPA maintains the right to make adjustments based upon newly discovered information; i.e. a player convinces a League Operator that he/she is a beginning player (1-3 Speed), however they demonstrate a more advanced mastery of the game.

Can an LO help me with my Speed?

No. UPA League Operators do not have the ability, access, nor take part in any communication concerning player Speeds once a new member’s IS has been prescribed. LOs are not professionally qualified, nor have a working knowledge of how the SSR Program operates beyond the basic tenants (see “What if my IS was wrong?).

Can I report another Member?

No, Speeds are a matter between the UPA and the member. If you feel that a player’s Speed is too high, encourage them to fill out a Speed Review Form. If you believe that a player’s Speed is too low, keep the following points in mind:

  • Members do not control Speeds
  • The SSR Program factors all games (good/bad)
  • Players may have recently been adjusted
  • Players may play well however struggle to win matches
  • The SSR Program monitors/adjust all players equally

Why are LOs not permitted to adjust Speeds?

The UPA system is not like other league programs that allow biased/unqualified individuals to determine a member’s playing ability (Speed). LOs cannot request Reviews, provide explanations, nor adjust players at any time as they are not professionally qualified, nor have a working knowledge of how the SSR Program operates. The SSR Program was designed by professional pool players to monitor/adjust all player Speeds and is the trusted system of the UPA.

What if my IS was wrong?

If an LO discovers that an error (2+ Speeds) was made in prescribing an IS due to human error, a player misrepresenting their ability, they may request Corporate Office for a possible correction. If the correction was made by Corporate Office, the UPA will notify you of the correction and require the LO to provide an explanation for correction of your IS.

Can I have my Speed Reviewed?

Yes. If you would like your Speed Reviewed by a professional pool player simply fill out our Speed Review Form. UPA staff, nor it’s LOs have the ability to make adjustments, request Reviews, nor provide explanations as they are not professionally qualified, nor have a working knowledge of how the SSR Program operates.

How long does a Speed Review take?

All Speed Reviews are conducted within 7 business days.
What happens after I request a Speed Review?

Check your Player Dashboard (PD) to see when your Review took place and what adjustments, if any, have taken place. No follow-up emails will occur.

Why hasn’t my Speed adjusted?

Here are several possible reasons as to why your Speed was not adjusted:An adjustment was recently made

  • An adjustment was recently made
  • Your current Speed is challenging you
  • You are performing above average at your current Speed
  • A change, at this time, would not be fair to other players
  • More information (match play) is needed.

Remember, the SSR Program is designed by professional pool players to challenge and make you a better pool player. It is to bring out the best game in you to help you play up to your potential.

Can a 3rd party submit a Review for me?

No. It is the sole responsibility of each member to take advantage of all member benefits and take an active role in his/her Official Speed. Speed Review submissions from any other 3rd party will not be accepted.

What if my Speed is too Low?

If you believe that your current Speed is an unfair advantage, or is not appropriately challenging you, you may request to be adjusted. Simply fill out our Speed Review Form.

Systematic Speed Ratio